Prepare The Way 2023

A Year of Focused Prayer, Worship, and Fasting for Oman

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Prepare the way oman 2023

The vision for Prepare The Way Oman 2023 was inspired by the passage in Isaiah:

A messenger is calling out,
“In the desert prepare
    the way for the Lord.
Make a straight road through it
    for our God.
Every valley will be filled in.
    Every mountain and hill will be made level.
The rough ground will be smoothed out.
    The rocky places will be made flat.
Then the glory of the Lord will appear.
    And everyone will see it together.
The Lord has spoken.”

Isaiah 40:3-5


We are people who love this unique, beautiful nation, and want to see the rule and reign of King Jesus come in fullness in this land. We are not satisfied that only a few dozen Omanis follow the King—we want to see hundreds and thousands worshiping Him. We believe that God’s glory will be manifest in this land, and EVERYONE will see it! And so we do our part to ‘roll out the red carpet’ and prepare the way for the King to come. We do this by extravagant prayer, worship, and fasting on behalf of this beloved nation.

Illustration of a vision given in prayer of God’s light shining down on Oman, preparing the way for Jesus to enter.

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